About Us

“Mexican food is so full of colour, life and music. It’s like a piñata exploding in your mouth”
– Kate McLennan.

“Life without Mexican food is no life at all!” – Unknown

The History

Authentic home style Mexican cuisine is hard to find these days.  That’s how the inspiration for Mi Sazon began – the desire to bring and share the traditions of true Mexican cooking to residents and visitors of the Dallas area.  Mi Sazon first opened in 2010 by founders, J. Guadalupe Gonzalez and his wife, Rosa with this goal in mind.

“It was very pleasant to savor its aroma, for smells have the power to evoke the past, bringing back sounds and even other smells that have no match in the present. -Tita” 
Laura Esquivel Like Water for Chocolate

Food – its smells, colors, textures and complexity of flavors.  Food has the ability to transport us to other places and other times.  Current owners Jamie O’Brien and Rosa Elisa Gutierrez de O’Brien took over the restaurant in September 2016, after Rosa’s brother found the restaurant and ordered a plate of their special enchiladas.   He called Rosa in tears saying “I’m in a restaurant having enchiladas rojos and they taste exactly like moms!”  (Their mother had just passed away two years earlier).  Soon after a deal was made.

At Mi Sazon, we know that many of our customers are far from home and family.  Having a meal here is more than just food – it has the ability to transport the diner to another place and time, back with family and friends of yesterday no matter how far!

It’s also a great place to enjoy and share good times with nearby amigos and familia!

That is our goal – to bring to you the unique flavors and culture that is Mexico!
Jamie O’Brien and Rosa Elisa Gutierrez de O’Brien

“You have to taste a culture to understand it…”
Deborah Cater